Rain Barrel

Weather:  58* & Cloudy

My husband LOVES to thrift shop/go to flea markets.  I used to resist any attempt to drag me along, but in recent years I’ve become just a big (if not bigger addict), but lately I’ve been trying to focus on my garden plan and putting any spare money into raised beds.  But Saturday I made the mistake of telling him that he was driving.  To eat.  We were supposed to be going out to eat!!  Of course, with him behind the wheel it was flea market first and then eat.  Good thing I had a few dollars in my purse, because I had to get a grilled sausage to stave off hunger pains.  We had not eaten breakfast and didn’t make it to the chinese takeout until 4pm!  (AND I wound up sharing the hot dog with him!)  But I digress.  He found a commercial blower – the kind that’s used when your house floods – for $15 and a heavy duty extension cord for $3.  We bought the kids some a couple of Million Dollar bills for a buck (their inheritance 😉 ), and I found a 50 gallon plastic terracotta rain barrel for $10!!  Ten dollars!!

2-8-15_dogwaterIt had a small amount of dirt in it which took me a good hour to get out today because of the lip.  I put a screen over the top and weighted it down with a brick.  I screwed together another 2x8x8 bed that I had Kilzed the other day.  Picked some dandelion greens and purple nettle for the chickens (Ms Blackie and her arch-enemy Henny Penny are co-sitting – same nest box – on 9 eggs).  Hopefully I’ll have my first set of home-born chicks soon.  SO eggs-cited!!  😀

2-8-15_herbsI let my new broken (?) Rex rabbit out to run around the cabin and munch on some kitchen herbs while the dogs were outside, then I gave Jazzy, my Japanese Chin, a much needed bath.  She desperately needs her nails clipped, but I’m as big a coward as she is.  I came home last night to tiny pepper sprouts and mounted the 2 clip fans that I got at Goodwill for $4 and have been misting them every few hours today.  Other than that, today has been spent entirely on Facebook groups and researching tomato varieties.


Bearded Lady

Weather:  26* & Sunny

TurtleFurIt’s freezing outside!  I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find a ski mask.  I went to town the other day and Tractor Supply had some bright neon yellow face masks for $6, but I just can’t stomach that color.  Sportsman’s Warehouse had one – ONE – black one with the old-school 2 eye holes (ugh) for $8.  And something called Totally Tubular by Turtle Wrap for $13!  For heaven’s sake, it’s an unfinished piece of rayon tubing.  I later discovered that it’s $18 on their website.

I found a balaclava – a ski mask (since when was something so simple given a fancy name!?) – in a Real Tree or Mossy Oak print that also looked like it was rayon-y for $22!!  Balaclava_storeAre these people crazy?!?

Recently as a flea market a vendor – who was selling crocheted hats – had commented on liking mine and my husband’s.  He told her that I made them and then she really started raving.  Gave me her name and particulars and said that she would gladly sell my creations if I gave her a price.  Me, crochet for money?  My husband had broached the same subject just days before when his coworkers had requested hats like his and he had suggested I sell them for $12.  I told him he was crazy.  You can buy them all day long at the dollar store.  Well, uh, no, not anymore.  Not unless you’re willing to pay $5-7 for a cheap, machine-knitted thing.  But the ones in the Sportsman’s Warehouse were out of this world expensive.  For a hat!!

That was it.  I was leaving.  Uh oh.  Gloves.  Pink gloves.  Pink, insulated gloves – on clearance!!  Yeah, they made a sale…

But Joann’s was in the same shopping center and I was betting they had rayon and Mossy Tree stuff.  I picked up 3/8 yard of fleece for $5 and 3/8 yard of “performance fabric” for $3 and a skein of Lion Brand’s Homespun, Wild Fire yarn for $5.

First the fleece.  I found this tutorial online and produced this.  BalaclavaI still have to buy some fold-over elastic, because I was totally not thinking when I left the store.  Otherwise I would have bought some pink thread.

Then on to the rayon tube.  Working with that fabric wiggling all over the place drove me absolutely nuts and after putting it on, I’m convinced the Turtle Wrap version must have a lining or be a better fabric.  TurtleWrap

Incidentally, this is the hat I was wearing that the vendor-lady raved on about.  The pattern is called Divine on Ravelry and I made mine out of baby blanket yarn!  My husband’s hat is the same pattern, but in a thinner, regular yarn.  He has three: one in black, one in navy and one in sage green.  (Actually, I made him 2 in sage green to match his favorite new jacket, but he said the thicker yarn was too “fluffy”, so I guess now it’s mine.)

I had been looking for a crocheted ski mask pattern online before I went out galavanting, and the Knight and Skyrim patterns were just to die for, but the beards were the best and I made up one of those too.

After all, I am a big fan of Mick Dodge…  😉