Weather:  56* & Sunny

1-24-15_CollageI’ve been trapped in a Dexter marathon.  One of my tom cats has been missing for 12 days.  The longest he’s ever been gone before is 6 days.  I was convinced he was dead – eaten by a coyote or something, and then he just shows up this morning, eats 4 bowls of food and goes to the door wanting out.  Now I’m convinced I’m just a Foody Call.  ;(

One o’clock in the afternoon.  I’ve got to do SOMETHING productive…

The boards are still in my car.  Paint clothes on and an hour or so later I’ve got 3 boards painted front and back.  Back inside for another episode of Dexter and lunch.  Keith Carradine is eating a sandwich and that sounds good.  I’ve got 2 slices of bacon left over from this morning that I made in my NuWave Pro!  (Love that thing!)  Back outside, got them screwed together.  My plan is seriously off.  By my calculations I should have space for three 2×8 boxes on this side of the gate opening, but there’s barely enough for two.  😦

What can I do now?  Ugh…  I had promised to stay out of the woods until my poison cleared up, but what else is there.  So I tackled that area behind the storage shed.  I got the Roundup and loppers, but gave up on the Roundup pretty quickly when each time I clipped a branch the stump was quickly hidden by the leaves.  I cut down a bunch of poison too.  :::Face Palm:::

Another bath in hot bleach.  I’m loving this smell.  NOT!  Lol.  And back to my dark, redhead.


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