Sowing Eggplant & School Frustrations

Weather:  38* & Raining

SeedStartsI’ve been putting it off, but there’s really nothing else to be done today so I might as well get to it.  I’m starting my eggplant seeds indoors using the tips I found from a Greenhouse Professional on the MotherEarthNews website.  I had this mini greenhouse that I picked up last year at Walmart and I’ve been on the lookout for a heating seed mat, but seeing as how it’s so early in the year (and I’m broke), I decided to try the heating pad I use everyday on my back.  (Lazyboys are notoriously bad for your back, so I keep one on when I sit on the couch.)

I planted Black Knight Eggplant, which a girlfriend says is less bitter than their purple-skinned cousins, and Early Long Purple.  The plastic wrap retains heat & moisture, while the darkness forces the seeds to focus on germination rather than reaching the light.

I’m eat up with poison ivy or oak and I had to drive into town to meet a friend whose wife generously made me some Jewelweed soap and a liquid potion to try and ease the itch.  1-23-15_poisonBathing in bleach and vinegar has been less than fun!  While I have makeup on and my hair is actually styled I decided to drive to the technical college and check up on my status.  The bitch nice young woman had completely forgotten about me!  She took me over to Cheryl, the Financial Aid lady who told me that I have to talk to the unemployment people.  Drove over there and they said I have to jump through all of these hoops first – like getting approved from the school and applying for a Pell Grant.  So back to the school who got another (the REAL) financial aid lady, Jess, involved and said that even though I have $6k in grant money that was set aside just for our group of displaced workers the $3500 4 week course doesn’t qualify and the $9k 20 week course would put me in debt (IF I could qualify) and would be no guarantee.  Argh!!!  I’m a truck driver but because I’ve been driving a bus for the casino for the past 5 years my 20 years in a semi are virtually worthless because I don’t have an “recent” experience!!  I’m mad and depressed!

I went to Lowe’s to pick up some lumber.  My unemployment check DID come through.  I got three 2x8x8 boards (the big box store is higher than my little local hardware store!), 2 concrete stepping stones and 2 concrete blocks.  I had the boy cut one of the 2x8x8 into 2′ sections and then I got to thinking about the lady in Alaska who uses cedar fence boards, so I bebopped over to look at those prices.  I’m paying about $5 for the 2×8’s and the THIN 1×6 fence boards are roughly half the cost, but I’d have to have a saw, saw horses (I absolutely LOVE her pink ones!) and I couldn’t remember how she managed to screw those thin pieces together.  Besides, the 2×8’s will last longer, right?  There was a cute guy beside me loading up a cart and commented on how high lumber is these days.  Thanks buddy, I needed more bad news today…  😦

I got everything home, including the 50lb bag of chicken feed that I got at Tractor Supply.  A girl in one of my Rabbit Groups said they had the 24×24 cages on sale for $15.  They regularly run $35, but I couldn’t find the store she mentioned in LA for them to call and compare prices.  Besides I’m thinking of raising them under the back deck and really need hardware cloth, buried 2′ deep – i.e. I need to dig FIRST.  Yuck!  Anyway, I left the lumber in my little car because it’s raining.  If it’s dry outside tomorrow I may get out there and paint them.

1-23-15_SeedCollageStill depressed and bored and on my 15th episode of Dexter (which my red-haired son got me addicted to!) feeling worthless I decided I might as well mix the bag of sphagnum moss with the last bit of my vermiculite and think about doing more seeds tomorrow.  Using an old enamel cup I mixed equal measures of each into plastic dishpans that I got from the dollar store last year.  Maybe I’ll start all the pepper seeds I bought with my Food Stamps at Dollar Tree today…

Did I mention that the county called and is having a workshop on the 29th to see if I qualify to make payments on my outstanding property taxes?  (It’s funny that the city can owe the county more than $50 million, but let me get behind…) 😦


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