2’x8′ SFG Boxes

Weather:  46* & Rainy

I1-22-15_two2x8st’s cloudy and gloomy and I really didn’t feel like doing anything outside, but I’d rather have something to show for the excursion into town yesterday and all the painting.  I had intended to construct these and drive into town for 5 more boards (about the max that will fit in my little car.  I’m sure the small hardware store people think I’m nuts), but I forgot to certify Sunday so no unemployment check.  No check = no money to build vegetable beds.  I’ve been told by some of my other co-workers that next check will be double, but I’ll have to wait and see…

My planned garden is 36’x48′ with a 2′ bed around and inside the perimeter, so two 2’x8′ beds leaves me with a long way to go.  My perimeter fence will run between the two beds in order to keep critters from digging under into the garden.  I had a thought yesterday that maybe my two end boards should be 4′ in order to better stabilize the bed…1-1-1_GardenPlan

I originally drew my plan on graph paper, then on this big poster board with a ghost grid (which I have hanging on the backside of my front door, so I can keep the dream front & center).  I’ve also designed it over at GrowVeg.com and virtually planted my intended veggies & herbs.  I really like their software and want to use the program, but that will also have to wait until I have $25.  😦

Oh shoot, I forgot to cover up the firepit.  Now I’ll have wet ashes!  😦


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