5 New Boards

Weather:  58* & Cloudy



My last utility bill was almost $400; however my weekly unemployment check is only $200 so I was only able to pay half of it.  Last month the utility company couldn’t wait one week before they sent me a cut off notice.  It’s been really cold here lately, so perhaps they’ve taken pity on us poor broke girls.  This time they’ve given me 16 extra days to pay, so I’ve got a few extra dollars this week.  That means boards!

The first two beds that I made I couldn’t wait to get them painted or filled with dirt.  The last two I at least waited to fill (partly because I can’t afford dirt – is that worse than being dirt poor?), but not to screw together.

This time, I’m playing it smart and Kilzing both sides before I put them together OR fill them with dirt.  My husband scooped out two 5 gallon buckets of ash from the fire pit, so I will actually have dirt in the future.  With that plus the leaves that I’m filling the beds with to decompose.

I sure wish I had been able to catch those saw horses on sale last week, but I made do with two concrete blocks and an old pallet.  Not the sturdiest of work surfaces and I’m not sure my back was any better off, but job done!   And just in time.  It’s getting dark out here…




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