Chipmunks & Preservation

Weather:  64* & Sunny

1-20-15_chipmunk-kitchenI’ve had the doors open all day because it’s been so nice and in ran my cat with a chipmunk in his mouth.  I got up, grabbed some gloves and went over to get it out of his mouth, but not before the chipmunk got loose.  He ran into the hall, but the bedroom & bathroom doors were closed, so Jerry the cat grabbed him again and I grabbed him from Jerry.  Unfortunately while I was trying to snap his picture before releasing him he bit me!  And he wouldn’t let go.  I carried him over to the sink intending to splash some water on him, and he jumped out of my hand and scurried onto the backsplash.  Then around the edge of the counter, off and behind the fridge.  Jerry & I finally managed to get him again and I put him in the tall, empty fish tank in order to recover.  I gave him some bird seed and a small water dish.  I think he ate and fell asleep in the bowl.  Some pink camo fleece for him to rest on and I’m out of here.

No more working in the woods for me for a while.  They have extracted their revenge.  My forearms are covered in poison ivy.  😦

1-20-15_kilzed4I hate painting.  But…  it’s got to be done.  I want all my square foot raised beds to be painted in different, bright colors but I don’t know yet if I want them solid colors or girlie camo colors.  Either way they have to have a coat of Kilz on them.  Treated lumber is twice as expensive as pine, but pine won’t hold up unless it’s coated.  So if I go with the camo colors then the base white will be the common denominator.

I already had these four 4’x8′ beds constructed, so I was sitting on my bum in the sun.  😀  I had to take the far right bed’s hoops apart and flip it over.  Meanwhile Jerry had come into the garden to pout.  I told him that I was sorry, but I feed him well enough that he doesn’t have to hunt.  He promptly walked over to some antlers drying in the sun and sat beside them.  Ok, ok, the irony isn’t lost on me…


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