Nature’s Velcro

Weather:  45* & Sunny

1-6-15_pile1There’s supposed to be a brutal cold front coming in tonight, so I decided in spite of a bum right knee and left wrist that I would try and get some more of the vines and scrub brush cut down.  After looking everywhere, I finally found my knee brace, bundled up and headed out.

After pulling down only one pile of junk off came the jacket, then shortly thereafter the hat.1-6-15_me2  I was tugging quite hard at some honeysuckle vines when I managed to pull down a tree! (It was old and rotten, but it created more work than I was prepared for.  Another tug and down came another smaller tree.)

1-6-15_ravine1As I was dragging my piles to the ravine – which is filling up fast – I remembered my idea as I was laying in bed last night.  Perhaps I’m chasing my own tail by throwing my refuse in the ravine.  At the time it seemed like a good idea – to fill it up, but last night the idea of a root cellar was on my mind and what easier way to build a root cellar than in a ravine that is already “dug out”!?  I’m wondering if any of our ancestors made use of such a situation…

10885416_10205704991443106_1187893391937180403_nI quickly got hotter than I could stand and thinking to quit for the day, headed back up to the cabin where I shed my fleece top.  Now I only had on my long johns, yoga pants and a short sleeve shirt.  The chickens were angry that they had not been fed yet, so I took care of that and while I was there decided to clip just a few small trees near the coop.  That led to a few more a bit further down the slope until I had cut down probably 20!  The spring bed had water in it and I just knew that I was going to get muddy if I tried crossing it, but it was so warm out…  I trimmed more small trees and vines along the spring bed and then on out to the lake where I pulled up an adirondack chair and clipped the brush along the bank.  I then moved over to cut out some of the bamboo across from where the spring empties into the lake, but my loppers seized up and I was done!

1-6-15_stickersClimbing the hill back up to the cabin was tough, let me tell you.  I did manage to pick up a few cut branches along the way to add to my burn pile.

I let the the dogs out while I sat on the porch swing and picked stickers out of my hair.  They were all over my pants and shirt. My 8 yr old chihuahua, Nitro, came over and tried to help me.  1-6-15_Nitro2

1-6-15_stickers2I don’t remember what plant has these, but they are such a nuisance.  They came out of my hair easy enough and after I took a long hot bubble bath I felt another one slip out easily, 1-6-15_stickers3so that gave me the idea of soaking my pants.  If these little natural velcro stickers get wet they lose most of their cling and made pulling them off much easier.  (Well, I’ve got one pant’s leg done. 😉 )

I drove to town for some sugar and cat litter.  I suppose Jerry will get to sleep inside tonight.  Tom had breakfast and took off doing what he does best – tomcatting around – so it’s doubtful he’ll show up tonight.  I’ll probably have to shut my window tonight, but right now I better get up in the loft and get my bed cleaned off.  I piled everything on it this morning looking for that knee brace!  Hunnie Baer out.


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