Can’t Sit Around Forever…

Weather:  38° & Sunny ☼

I sat around all day yesterday.  It was sunny but cold and I got bogged down into starting this blog, looking at examples, trying to figure out how I wanted it to look, (reading other people’s blogs…  like this: Depression Era Homemade Bread & then watching YouTube videos of this woman: Depression Era Cooking with Clara) until it was evening and I realized I had done almost nothing ALL DAY.  Oh I dried out some banana peels in the oven and ground them up for my garden.  Along with spreading out some coffee grounds and egg shells to dry.

So today, I decided I better get my butt in gear.  It’s still cold – 34* – when I woke up.  The water in the chicken run was frozen, but the water in the coop was fine.  I had an apple and fed the peel along with an over-ripe banana to the chickens.  Started 2 eggs to boil and went up to the loft to get dressed to work outside.  By the time I came down I had forgotten about the eggs and was about to walk outside when I heard the water gurgling.  Except now I had on long johns, yoga pants, wool socks & boots plus a fleece top, buffalo jacket and crocheted hat!  I wasn’t about to stay inside and peel those eggs.

10891649_10205688764037431_5085008462981175401_nI’ve been working on clearing an area up near the road next to the driveway.  I have mixed feelings about it because on the one hand it’s unsightly (and was scary walking past when I first moved to the woods/country), but on the other hand having it cleared will allow a clearer view of my cabin from the road.  😦  Eventually I want to add something along the boundary to re-block that view but I’m still debating on what.  Evergreen trees or bamboo would be nice, but I’m afraid of the bamboo spreading out of control.  I would really like to add berry bushes and/or fruit trees, but I’m not sure which/what type yet and I’m a little worried about the County cutting or spraying the roadside area up to the power lines…

With an area chosen, I got to work.  It didn’t take long for the jacket to come off.  Next was the crochet hat (which is a dumb choice when working around sticker vines).  I was really tempted to take off the yoga pants and just work in my long handles, but the occasional vehicle out on the hwy put me off.  😉

The birds started showing up.  I guess they were hopeful that me moving all the deadfall and leaves would reveal something good.  A couple of little wrens were flitting around in the ravine where I was dragging all of my vines and branches.  A male cardinal stopped by.  Perhaps he was interested in the old worm container that I found.  I’m always amazed at what I discover out there under the leaves!  Today, along with the worm container I found a soda can, a 2 liter coke bottle and a couple of huge pieces of concrete.  How or why they are there is an absolute mystery?!

wpid-20141231_124151.jpgOne of my male cats – Tom, the Wanderer – was standing on his hind legs stretching toward the door latch when I opened the door this morning.  He’s been gone for 2 days (which is typical for him) and was skinny and starving.  His brother – Jerry, the Sweetie – was nowhere to be found.  He rarely goes far and as I write this he has shown up, eaten and gone to the sunroom to sleep in the warmth.  His brother, meanwhile is outside curled up on the wicker settee under the heat lamp.  He is so skittish that he has a hard time coming inside and just resting.  Both of them were found in the woods near my house in the city when they were über little.

10885382_10205688774597695_4435927021834368966_n Garbage-areaWell, two hours later and I’m done for a bit.  My left arm hurts.  I’m stinky and tired and hungry.  I definitely earned my morning bath.  Oh yeah, and breakfast!  I’m tempted to take my eggs to the bath, but it’s hot in here (why don’t I ever remember to turn off the heat before I go outside?) and only slightly warmer outside (37*) than when I began, but I just want these clothes off!  Outside I go to take my boots off on the porch.  The shirt came first and sitting here on the front porch steps I realize I really hate it that my progress makes me visible to the road.  😦

P.S.  My daughter and two friends just showed up from the city.  She’s on Christmas break and needed something from her room.  Her first words as she peeks in the front door is “Mom, do you have clothes on?!”  Gotta love #CountryLiving!  😀



Throwback at Trapper Creek

Heating with wood is a never-ending job.  Fell, cut, split, stack, haul, stack, haul, split, burn, hot water, cook, heat.

Our firewood is seasoned, but we store the bulk of our firewood outside in a woodshed.  It soaks up humidity from the air since most of our winter weather is rainy.  To that end, on dry days I like to move some firewood to the house and stay a few weeks ahead of the wood needs.  Drier is always better with firewood.  After a few weeks inside, the wood loses that extra dampness and is quite dry and ready to burn.

And for some reason the dogs just love hauling firewood… .  Me?  I just like having dry wood.

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